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Leopard leaping limb to limb in a tree at sunset.

Using New Technology

I took a big plunge in early March, selling my Nikon D4 and diving into the new Nikon D4s. I read articles from a number of blogs and “reviews”, most claiming the D4s was a marginal upgrade that was fine if you were upgrading from an older camera but not worth the price of the […]

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Balanced Rock in Arches National Park with Milky Way above.

Time Lapse in Utah

I just spent 10 days in Utah photographing in Monument Valley, Arches National Park, and the Needles area of Canyonlands National Park. Part of the trip was for the Mentor Series Treks and part was photographing on my own.  My goal was to spend some time on night photography, creating time lapse movies and Milky […]

Lioness stalking

Tanzania – Here we come

As I begin the task of preparing for our next trip, I find myself contemplating the reasons for going to such a place as Tanzania. I’ve been on safari in Africa before – in Botswana, Kenya, and Zimbabwe. What is it that draws me to Tanzania? Places with names like Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti have […]

Equipment, Techniques, and more….

Portrait of a male mandarin duck in Lakewood, CO.


This is the story of the little duck that could... drive photographers into a frenzy!  This colorful male mandarin duck captivated photographers from a wide area last winter when he began courting a female mallard … [Read More...]

Datoptic TRaid

Expanding Your Digital Storage

Storage for the Digital Photographer After talking to many photographers, I found that many are in the same boat as I find myself. How to store the digital images that my digital camera(s) … [Read More...]

New Nikon flagship camera, the Nikon D4s.

First images from Nikon D4s

The Nikon D4s started shipping on Thursday this past week from Nikon authorized dealers.  Many of you may have found a little surprise when you took your first images and downloaded them to your computer for editing … [Read More...]